July 24, 2020

Why pay more for Branding Design Services?

Written by Kathryn Donaldson

“Successful branding yields benefits such as increased customer loyalty, an improved image, and a relatable identity.” – TSL Marketing

What is the risk of using a DIY or economy option for your branding or logo design services? Given the importance a brand can make to a businesses success, many customers opt for branding design services that give better value as a way of reducing risk. Your logo is possibly the single most important part of the branding exercise, which is why it seems crazy that people choose to cut corners here and opt for “CHEAP LOGOS”. Saving money initially may cost you more in the long run if you are required to roll out a new logo across all of your printed and digital publications.


The expense of re-branding

Embarking on a re-branding exercise isn’t just about paying for a new logo. Revised branding will need to be circulated across the entire organisation; from corporate vehicles to uniforms, photographs, signage, stationery, social media, websites, packaging and more. The risk of using a poor-quality logo (or attempting to put one together yourself) is that if it doesn’t deliver, all the money spent on altering your people, premises, vehicles, packaging and other items will have been wasted. Given the significant amount of money which may be involved, it’s vital that the logo delivers! This is particularly the case for larger companies, who potentially stand to lose more if their logo doesn’t create the right impression. Just imagine the costs associated for a company that needs to roll a new brand out across a large volume of products need to be re-packaged and labelled.


Hire a reputable designer or agency

Companies will research reputable designers or agencies to mitigate the risks of producing inferior or inappropriate branding solutions. When searching for a suitable fit, you may like to consider:

  • Project Experience – how many years have they been operating?
  • Training / qualifications – do they have some kind of formal training that they can apply?
  • Quality of word – can they produce effective outcomes? This goes beyond experience and training… do you like what you see?
  • Customer satisfaction – what do their existing customers have to say about their work?
  • Case Studies – has their work produced tangible results for their clients?


Build a trustworthy brand

A polished design helps to build trust. According to Lucidpress, “45% of customers expect great design across ALL marketing and sales channels.” First impressions count, so when customers may only sight your brand for a couple of seconds whilst flicking through social media or whilst your work vehicle drives by, it’s vital that every part of your logo is designed to capture your audience’s attention. Professional logo designers use research methods to determine which fonts, colours and shapes are most likely to appeal to a wide range of audiences. This enables them to select design elements that are going to optimise the response you get from your customers and prospects. Maintaining your brand consistently is also vital for building trust. A familiar visual identity helps to builds rapport and strengthen the reputation of your company. According to Lucid Press, “The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 33%”.


Avoid ineffective logo solutions

You may think that, generally, one logo looks very much like another. As Pepsi’s brand has changed over the years, so too has the effectiveness of the branding solution. Source: Hubspot:  Brand Logos: The Good, The Bad, and The Most Questionable Designs There are numerous tell-tale signs which determine whether a logo is will work for your business. Some of the key clues to look out for are:

  • On-trend logos that can look dated in years to come.
  • Logos that contain stock art (which you may see in other people’s designs).
  • Logos which are designed to please your graphic designer, rather than the target audience.
  • An over-complicated logo that confuses rather than appeals.
  • Multiple fonts that give an over-crowded look to the logo.

Professional graphic designers and agencies are known for providing clients with logo and branding solutions that showcase their company accurately and professionally. With a wealth of experience in creating customised logos that are tailored to specific audiences, logo designers can deliver high-grade results that work.

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