July 17, 2020

Why do prices vary so much for branding and logo design services?

Written by Kathryn Donaldson

When you start looking around for branding or logo design services you will be confronted with a wide variation of prices. Good branding can absolutely transform the success of an organisation; poor quality branding can be its downfall! As a general rule, customers who pay more will be investing in a comprehensive branding solution; an entire identity system – not just a logo. Here we take a look at why so much pricing variation exists in the market, and analyse what causes discerning customers to avoid the cheaper options.


The perception of value?

Depending on the size and budget allocation of your organisation – the perception of value will change. A small business that wants to place their logo on a company website – with minimal marketing material may opt for a cheaper solution based on the exposure of their logomark or brand. They may also be starting out in business and have limited budget to invest. This kind of customer will often be drawn to purchasing economical solutions through companies like Freelancer.com or Fiverr. Often platforms like this can provide cheaper logo solutions from less experienced or foreign designers (who benefit from the foreign exchange rates). When using these kind of services it's always important to check on exclusivity of the designs to ensure you are not purchasing a “cookie cutter” solution that includes design elements that have been repurposed from other logos or designs. You also need to ensure you have all of the specific files you need for both print and web use. As you may not have an ongoing relationship with these designers, it will be difficult to go back for future correspondence.

Companies that have numerous branded touchpoints will often consult with a professional designer or branding agency to ensure a consistent brand image is maintained. This is particularly important for companies that operate in B2B markets where a professional image is vital. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

 “89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.” - CMI

Furthermore, rolling visual branding out across larger organisations can take some time (and investment) as they will have a team of staff using an array of branded materials.


What is included?

Most people think branding includes a company name and a logo. Your logo IS NOT your brand! There are multiple components that constitute a consistent and considered visual identity for your brand. A good brand designer will always include a toolkit to compliment your logo, this may include:

  • Typography (for both logo and supporting communications)
  • Colour Palette (for both logo and supporting communications)
  • Logo (in various layouts and file formats)
  • Branded textures and icons
  • Photographic styles
  • Language tone
  • Branding application recommendations


Offshore branding solutions

As mentioned previously, prices will vary depending on where the designer or agency is located. Much like purchasing foreign goods or manufacturing services, you may find the benefits of using international service providers due to favourable currency exchange rates. Whilst these cost benefits may seem appealing, there are a few benefits in using local designers and agencies:

  • Ease of communication: you are likely to receive a better design outcome if your design brief and communication is easily interpreted / understood.
  • Time Difference: there are likely to be some time delays when using foreign services due to international time zones and work hours.
  • Understanding the local market: ensure that foreign designers use a researched approach as they may not be familiar with the local markets that your logo will be exposed to.


A researched approach

When customers opt to use a skilled graphic designer or agency, they are investing in a fully researched design outcome to ensure the branding is memorable, scalable and fit for purpose. They will work with you to understand exactly what's needed to ensure that you stand out for the right reasons. This involves consideration of:

  • Your target audience and what appeals to them.
  • The reproduction of your logo across an array of applications.
  • Timeless designs that can it evolve with the direction of your company.
  • A memorable brand that your customers will value.
  • All aspects of your branding that will send a uniformed visual message.
  • Design elements that encapsulate your unique selling points.
  • Any supporting elements that constitute the complete brand identity.

Whilst generic, budget logos can be cheaper initially, longer term they can actually end up costing more. For most businesses, the solution is to invest in the services of a professional logo designer, who's able to achieve results that serve both you and your customer.

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