August 16, 2019

Is it time for a website redesign?

Written by Kathryn Donaldson

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. More often than not, it is the first point of contact between new customers and your business and it is important that this first impression is both grand and memorable. Maintaining a successful online profile requires ongoing website maintenance and content updates… but when does it become time to consider a full website redesign? This article will give you five reasons why you should seriously contemplate a website upgrade.


Is your current website working for you (i.e. are you still making sales and generating leads)?

If your sales have been tailing off in recent years, you may have to consider your website as being a contributing factor. A lack of sales or leads via your website is one of the best indicators that your website is in dire need of a redesign.

Structured website content that considers the user experience (UX Design) is one of the most important contributors in sales. The usability of your website may be impeding customers from reaching your website’s end goals. Furthermore, a user-friendly website that is built for both visitors and search engines will positively impact your SEO and website rankings.


Is your website designed for the modern day?

If your website hasn’t been updated for several years, its compatibility with various devices and website browsers may be compromised. It is important that your site remains current and accessible across a broad range of devices, from Apple iPhones and computers to Android phones and Windows PCs. In other words, you need to make sure that you have a responsive website with cross-browser compatibility. Consequently, if you haven’t had a website upgrade for a few years, some people may have trouble navigating your site.


Is your website secure?

If your website isn’t receiving regular updates, it may be vulnerable to hackers and other illegal activity online. This will not only compromise the security of your business – it could also present a security risk for your customers. Regular website and plugin upgrades ensure a higher level of security for your site. Third party developers will make improvements to plugins and extensions; developing their software to perform with the most recent versions of content management systems and technology. If your current website design is built using an outdated platform, theme or plugins you may need to consider a full website redesign in order to improve your website’s security.


Do you have an outdated visual style?

Just like fashion trends, web design aesthetics can fall out of style very quickly. It is important, then, that you remember to keep your ‘website’s wardrobe’ up to date. This allows your website, and therefore your company, to look fresh and remain on trend. Dated approaches to typography, colour and photography will instantly impact the visual perception of both your website and your brand. As your website is often your customers first touch point with your brand, it is important that you maintain a competitive edge with a contemporary approach to website aesthetics.


Are users looking for something fresh?

Any experience that is repetitive and predictable can become stale. If you have a significant volume of website traffic with a large quantity of returning customers, upgrading your website design could really generate some excitement among customers. It is not only an aesthetic website redesign that could be holding you back. There could be functional improvements made that will optimise the user’s experience. Software developers are constantly striving to include new features and improve the functionality and usability of existing features. Upgrading your website will ensure that you are utilizing the benefits of fresh technology. So, do any of these points ring true to your own website? If you haven’t given your website any love for a while, you should seriously consider a redesign. Not only with this safeguard your website from security threats, it will strengthen your online presence and ensure a positive web experience for your users across all devices.

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