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Project Brief

Phoenix Aerial wanted to elevate their brand and digital presence to attract high-quality clients and raise their profile in the industry. As part of the branding exercise, a new website was required to compliment the company vision. This will be supported by a solid digital marketing strategy and clear links to relevant social media marketing channels.

The website should be a place where users can:

  • Research services and technology
  • Preview a portfolio of past or present projects
  • Get in touch: an area for both current and prospective clients.

Some ‘Phoenix aerial’ branding elements were are already in place. During the rebranding exercise we determined which legacy brand elements should be retained and how we could improve on some of these existing components.

The Solution

Most of the branded communications retained a monochromatic palette. In addition to the primary palette, some metallic tones have been included to accentuate the technical qualities of the brand.

Slight modifications have been made to the flying bird icon. There is a more space between the ‘wing’ strokes. This allows the icons to be scaled to a smaller size without losing detail. The wing strokes have also been left aligned in a vertical straight line. This reduces the height and helps to balance the icon and the logo text - giving more emphasis to the brand name.

Lead capturing forms and accessible contact information are key to the success of the website. The content and aesthetic of the website is designed to promote credibility and trust with the end user. Phoenix Aerial would like to be recognised as an industry leader. We will promote further trust with dedicated testimonials and solid portfolio section.

There was also a need to emphasise:

  • the cutting-edge technology and equipment;
  • the experience and qualifications of the operators.
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